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Award Winning

For almost 100 years
Paragon Press has been producing quality print materials for companies all around the world.  We have been privileged to win many national and international print competitions. 

For invoices under $2,500.00, we can provide a link to pay with credit card online, or you can call in to give us your credit card information. For invoices over $2,500.00, we accept check or bank transfer.

We are a team of professionals that work together to grow your business through the art of printing.


Paragon Press is known for being the top commercial printer in the state of Utah with a specialty in art of lithography.  We print quality books, brochures, posters, calendars, flyers, business papers, kit covers, etc.  If you're looking to print 100 or 1,000,000 pieces, our international award winning litho team of experts can do it.


We produce a wide variety of stickers and labels for almost every application. We have the capacity to print up to 10 colors on a 13” wide roll. We can also UV coat, laminate, foil stamp, emboss & die-cut inline as well. If you need scrapbook sheets, product labels or any other type of stickers, we can help.

Printing Services


With our new Heidelberg digital presses we are able to reach the highest level of G7 color standards for accuracy and quality on a sheet size of up to 13 x 27”. If you need to do a short quantity run or a long variable data run that is personalized to reach your specific contacts, this upgrade in technology will meet all of your needs.

Letterpress PRINTING

If you’re looking for a vintage technique that will set your print materials apart from the rest, letterpress printing is what you need.  With this method of printing we're able to apply ink directly to a copper die and press the die into the sheet.  This allows the color and dimension to be combined in perfect registration to give the finished piece a tactile feeling that makes an impact.

Custom Printing

  • Can I pay with credit card?
    We accept credit card payments for up to $2,500. Beyond that, payments can be made with a check, bank transfer, or ACH payment. We can email you an invoice link, which allows you to make a bank transfer or credit card payment through our ourline secure portal.
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