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For almost 100 years
Paragon Press has been producing quality print materials for companies all around the world.  We have been privileged to win many national and international print competitions. 

Print Services

Lithography Printing

Paragon Press is known for being the top commercial printer in the state of Utah with a specialty in art of lithography.  We print quality books, brochures, posters, calendars, flyers, business papers, kit covers, etc. all at an affordable price.  If you're looking to print 100 or 1,000,000 pieces, our international award winning litho team of experts can do it!

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Digital Printing Company

Digital Printing

With our new Heidelberg digital press we are able to reach the highest level of G7 color standards for accuracy and quality on a sheet size of up to 13 x 27”.   If you need to do a short quantity run or a long variable data run that is personalized to reach your specific contacts, this upgrade in technology will meet all of your needs.

Flexography Printing

In our flexo department we produce a wide variety of stickers and labels for almost every application.  We have the capacity to print up to 10 colors on a 13” wide roll.  We can also UV coat, laminate, foil stamp, emboss and die-cut inline as well.  If you need sticker sheets, product labels or window stickers, we can help!

Print Stickers Utah
Letterpress Printing Utah

Letterpress Printing

If you’re looking for a vintage technique that will set your print materials apart from the rest, letterpress printing is what you need.  With this method of printing we're able to apply ink directly to a copper die and press the die into the sheet.  This allows the color and dimension to be combined in perfect registration and gives the finished piece a tactile feeling of permanence and texture.

Print Coatings

Adding a coating to your project can be used to accentuate vector graphics or make your photography pop off the page.  Printing a spot gloss UV for example on an uncoated or matte sheet will give you the most contrast and bang for your buck.  Matte UV coating can also be used dull back certain elements of your art and create the contrast in graphics that make your art stand out.

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Quality Printing

Prepress Services

Our prepress team will quickly become your best friends as they are constantly catching file issues, enhancing photography, and finding typo’s.  Our standard procedure is to review our customer’s files for potential concerns and look for design elements that can be modified or enhanced to give you the best results possible on every print project.

Foil Stamping

If you’re looking for an elegant way to enhance your print materials, let’s talk about incorporating foil stamping into your next project!  Surveys show that foil stamping increases a brand’s identity, response rates and the overall appeal of their printed materials.  Foil stamping should be strongly considered when communicating your brand to customers.  Contact us now to discuss the how we can minimize costs and increase the return on your marketing investment.

Foil Stamping Utah Printing
Embossed Print Materials

Emboss / Deboss

One of the greatest elements of print communication is that of touch.  There’s something special about being able to hold and feel a message that was given to you.  Nothing enhances that experience better than embossing or debossing your print materials.  By pressing your design into the paper it allows your customer additional time to reflect upon the message being delivered.  This hands on experience sets you apart from the world of digital screens! 

Bindery Services

Located in our 75,000 square foot building, we have a full bindery with the capacity to perfect bind, saddle-stitch, sew, perforate, hole punch, die-cut, score, fold and much more.  Our team of bindery professionals work meticulously through the details of each project and performs quality control to deliver a final product that we’re proud to have produced.

Perfect Binding Books Utah
Fulfillment Services - Drop Ship Utah

Fulfillment Services

Our fulfillment services range from assembling complex projects with various components to drop shipping mugs, bags and print materials around the Country.  We strive to create lasting partnerships with our customers by meeting their needs and accomplishing each task as efficiently as possible.  Let us know how we can assist with fulfilling your next project.

Customer Service

Our number one goal at Paragon Press is to make your print buying process smooth and easy.  We value the relationships we have with each of our customers and we strive to serve you and your company.  Please feel free to call, text, tweet, fax, post, email, smoke signal or contact us in any way and we’ll do everything we can to make your experience with Paragon Press a delight.

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Order Printing Online

Online Ordering

In our continual effort to make printing easier, we build secure online ordering sites for our customers that allows for a quick and easy portal to order standard products, make content changes, review PDF proofs and track inventory.  These sites range from simple personalized sites for small businesses to large franchises with hundreds of purchasing agents ordering branded materials to meet their individual locations needs.


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