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Reader vs Printer Spreads

When creating a new project that contains multiple pages, be sure to set it up as reader spreads as opposed to printer spreads. Reader spreads will display the consecutive page order of the document, which will allow you to easily design your project from the beginning to the end. This will make it much easier for you to create crossovers where an image or type runs from one page through the gutter and on to the next page.

​Printer spreads however are not in a consecutive page order, but rather are laid out for a specific layout that restricts how the file can be used. This causes problems when it's more cost effective for the job to be printed with a different page layout and the file has been restricted to printer spreads.

It's not uncommon for a designer to spend additional time creating their document in printers spreads because they think that it will save time and money on our end. In the end it will require more work to correct the files so it can be laid out in the most cost effective manner for the print production process. This adds to the cost of the job and can easily be avoided by starting with reader spreads. We have specialized software that organizes the pages of your document in the correct order for printing whether your project is going to be perfect bound, saddle-stitched or just folded.

Creating your document in reader spreads will save you time, money and the headache of trying to figure out how to design in printer spreads. The result will be a smoother project from beginning to end for both you and us as we work together in the production process.


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