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Paragon Press - About Us

Paragon Press is the premier commercial printer located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We specialize in lithography, flexography and digital printing.  As a leader in the printing industry, Paragon Press has received countless awards in all aspects of printing and has proven to be the top printing company in the State of Utah.  Our primary focus is to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality print materials at an affordable price with the best customer service in the industry.  Our customer's deadlines are crucial and we pride ourselves on surpassing your expectations throughout the print buying experience.  It's our attention to detail and desire to build and maintain a working partnership that has kept us in business for over 90 years.  



          1.      a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

          2.      a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.

In 1924 A.G. Wallin acquired a small printing company in Salt Lake City. He chose the name of Paragon Press to be a reflection of his vision for the company. His ideals remain to this day.  In 1946 A.G. turned the company over to his son, Dean A. Wallin and Dean’s brother-in-law, Bud Stuber. The two of them grew Paragon into the premier printing company that it is now.  One of the revolutionary changes was moving away from the letterpress technique, to offset lithography. During their management of the company they purchased and installed the first 4-color offset sheet-fed printing press in Utah.

In the 1980’s Dean and Bud began the transition of ownership to Al Fairbanks and Ken Wayman. In order to lead Paragon into the 21st century Al and Ken worked to expand the company. First, by moving into the current 72,000 square foot facility, then modernizing the equipment and adding Flexographic and Digital printing capabilities.

With generations of printing experience, great customer service, and a highly skilled team of professionals, Paragon Press has a proven record of performance in the printing industry.  Contact us now to see how we can help you with your printing needs.

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